Food analyses

Laboratory assistant analyzing food
Our laboratory Brucefo supports food-processing companies by performing analyses and advising those companies on how to improve their products. In the past few months, the Brucefo laboratory also helped the public at large to get a clearer view of their food, by contributing to two news stories, one for the VTM news and one for the RTBF news.
Brucefo cooperated on a news story about adding water to frozen fish (VTM). Based on the fish's moisture content and protein content, it would probably be possible to determine whether or not water has been added to it.
Brucefo also took part in a news story about the use-by date of food items (La Deux). The Brucefo experts explained how this date is determined. Indeed, in the frame of the new European regulations with regard to reinforcing information on food, Brucefo performs this type of analysis every day.

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