Laureates of the call for projects to combat discrimination

Early this year, the minister of Employment launched a call for "innovative projects to combat discrimination and promote diversity and equality in employment." More than 40 project sponsors submitted their candidacy.

The files have now been analyzed and the jury has chosen 12. The subsidy budget of € 745,000 will be divided among the winners based on the needs of each project.

The 12 initiatives that were retained are:

#OPENJOBTESTING (Collectif contre l'islamophobie en Belgique / MRAX), "Job Coaching UCM" (UCM national), "Brux'Elles" (Pour la Solidarité), BXL Diversity Booster (PAX Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles), "Diwan Awards" (Divers-City), "Recruitment on the basis of competence '(commune of Koekelberg), "Brugcoach voor vormingscentrum Molenbeek "(Groep Intro vzw), Réseau Employeurs Travailleurs (Mission locale pour l'emploi de Forest)," Inclusief werken in de praktijk" (ELLA), "Coaching des handicapés chercheurs d'emploi handicapés" (Diversicom), "Pacte"(ULB / METICES), "Coach'Me " (CGSLB).

More details on this call for projects and the winners can be found on our website in FR and NL.

This call for projects will be repeated in 2017.

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