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Brussels Economy and Employment's mission is to develop a sustainable economy and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is one of six administrative bodies within the Brussels Regional Public Service. Its services are primarily focused on businesses and workers.
Organigramme de Bruxelles Economie et Emploi - Direction générale. Sous la direction générale : service Economie, service Emploi, Bruxelles Invest & Export, direction de la Coordination et des Finances. Le service Economie comprend : la direction des Aides aux Entreprises, la direction de l'Inspection économique, Brucefo. Le service Emploi comprend : la direction de la Politique de l'Emploi et de l'Economie plurielle, la direction de l'Inspection régionale de l'Emploi. Bruxelles Invest & Export comprend : la direction Support à l'Internationalisation, la direction Opérations internationales et réseau
Our administration consists of around 250 staff and is made up of 2 departments. Our two principal missions are: 
  1. To develop the economy
    Our role is to encourage sustainable economic development, taking into account the specific nature of the Brussels economy.
  2. To support employment
    We support those creating employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. We also take responsibility for providing an inspection policy.
  3. To support (export)companies
    We support Brussels companies who would like to make investments or would like to launch themselves on foreign markets.


The Economy Department consists of around 100 staff.

This service supports the economic development of the Brussels-Capital Region. Indeed, this service:

  • offers subsidies for business in Brussels.  Under certain conditions, it provides investment grants and informal subsidies (allocated outside any legal framework)
  • helps Brussels companies to expand into international markets
  • organises Central Jury examinations for accessing certain professions and provides advice to accredited enterprise counters
  • provides support for businesses in the agri-food sector
  • grants authorizations to travel agencies
  • registers tourist accommodation in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • controls business subsidies, travel agencies, licenses for firearms and ammunition, access to the profession, itinerant trade as well as tourist accommodation
Key annual figures
  • Over 5,600 requests for support examined
  • over 33 million euro of subsidies granted
  • 242 travel agencies authorized in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • 4,000 samples of food products analysed by Brucefo
  • Informal subsidies granted to a total value of around 11,5 million euros
  • 1,500 companies monitored


The Department counts about 100 staff.

Brussels Economy and Employment supports the creation of employment in a number of ways:
  • handling requests for work permits and professional cards for foreign workers
  • inspection of companies regarding compliance with legislation concerning the use of foreign workers
  • handling requests for reimbursement for paid educational leave and for the Fund for Professional Experience
  • granting subsidies to projects aimed at supporting employment
  • authorization of private employment agencies (temping, recruitment and selection, outplacement) and verification that legal obligations are observed
  • authorization and funding of placement companies and initiatives developing employment
  • authorization of service voucher companies
  • inspection of private employment agencies and service voucher companies
  • performing discrimination tests during recruitment procedures
Key annual figures
  • Around 14,000 work permit requests examined
  • 1,450 requests for reimbursement of paid educational leave and a budget of 12 million euros
  • 212 million euros dedicated to the system of service vouchers
    and almost 400 companies approved to operate with service vouchers in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Over 9 million euros to support the social economy
  • 600 accredited private employment agencies in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Recognition and funding of 108 companies and not-for-profit organisations in the social economy
  • Nearly 3,000 interventions at employers


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