Registering as private employment agency

Depending on the kind of activities that are carried out, the obligations private employment agencies have to respect can differ.
  1. Recruitment and selection or outplacement
  2. Provision of temporary employees
  3. Recruitment and selection of students
  4. Socio-professional integration

Recruitment and selection or outplacement

A private employment agency must be registered before it can carry out its activities:
  • recruitment and selection for an employer with a view to the hiring of a job-seeker,
  • outplacement on behalf of employers, to help a worker threatened with redundancy or already redundant to find a job or develop a professional activity as a freelancer,
  • recruitment and selection of paid professional sportspeople (for sporting events and competitions), or
  • recruitment and selection of artists (for the creation, performance or interpretation of artistic works).

Provision of temporary employees

A private employment agency must be approved before it can provide:
  • temporary employees for a third party user who determines their duties and supervises the execution of these duties,
  • temporary workers in businesses within the jurisdiction of joint commission n° 124 (construction sector), or
  • temporary artists.

Recruitment and selection of students

A school placement office, created by an educational establishment and approved or organised by the Communities, must register if it wants to recruit and select students in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Socio-professional integration

A private employment agency must have concluded an agreement before carrying out socio-professional integration activities for poorly qualified or vulnerable job-seekers, as such activities are carried out differently to those described above. For example, certain local one-stop-job shop projects (lokale werkwinkels), local employment missions and Active Job Search Workshops in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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