Analyses on products of animal origin

Assess, control and verify all of the components of your products. The BRUCEFO laboratory, which is BELAC accredited, can help you to perform full and reliable analyses.

Which products?

  • meats and meat products,
  • fish,
  • meals eaten communally,
  • pre-packaged ready meals,
  • dairy products.

Which analyses?

Upon your request, BRUCEFO can perform a wide range of analyses to:

  • determine the energy value and other data for nutritional labelling purposes,
  • assess the freshness of fish by determining the volatile bases,
  • control compliance with the composition criteria for meat and dairy products as established by legislation. In order to do this, the following parameters are analysed:
    • moisture,
    • fat,
    • proteins,
    • collagen,
    • sugars,
    • starch,
    • sodium chloride,
    • additives (nitrates and nitrites, phosphates, sulphites, colouring agents, etc.).
In Europe we consume 10.7 million tonnes of fish every year. That equates to 339 kilograms per second. What about the quality, you may ask? Thanks to the high-quality analyses, Brucefo is monitoring it.
Assess the quality of your food products. Have them analysed by experts.

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Subsidie Subsidie

The Brussels SME's can obtain aid to have analyses conducted.

BELAC Accreditation BELAC Accreditation

Certain analyses are certified. The BRUCEFO laboratory is accredited by BELAC for several parameters. This accreditation enables you to receive internationally recognised analysis reports.
More information about BRUCEFO's scope of accreditation.