Analyses on products of plant origin

Learn about all the parameters that determine the quality and safety of your products: BRUCEFO can offer your company full analyses and a customised approach.

Which products?

  • bakery products, biscuits,
  • jams, syrups, honey,
  • confectionery, chocolate,
  • coffee,
  • oils and fats,
  • wines, beers, fruit juices, etc...

Which analyses?

Upon your request, Brucefo can perform a wide range of analyses to:

  • control the quality of the fats contained in your product;
  • determine de carbohydrate composition (mono- and disaccharides, starch) by enzyme assay calculations;
  • analyse the water activity of your product;
  • determine the energy value for nutritional labelling purposes. To do so, Brucefo determines the content of moisture, total ash, fats and fatty acids, proteins, sugars and other digestible carbohydrates, dietary fibre, sodium chloride and alcohol;
  • provide information on product quality: analysing diastatic activity in honey and syrups, determining proteolytic activity in papain, etc.;
  • in beers: determine the alcohol content, the extracts (apparent, real and primitive); measure sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, isohumulones (the bitterness in beer), total polyphenols, pH, total and volatile acidity and total ash content;
  • in wines: determine the alcohol content, total and free sulphite content, as well as total and volatile acidity;
  • verify the organoleptic quality of wine or highlight a defect through expert wine tasting. The defect can be confirmed objectively by analysing the wine.
Is your wine worthy of being a "grand cru"? BRUCEFO will prove it.
Assess the quality of your food products. Have them analysed by experts.

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Subsidie Subsidie

The Brussels SME's can obtain aid to have analyses conducted.

BELAC accreditation BELAC accreditation

Certain analyses are certified. The BRUCEFO laboratory is accredited by BELAC for several parameters. This accreditation enables you to receive internationally recognised analysis reports.
More information about BRUCEFO's scope of accreditation.