Below you can find our brochures and fact sheets available in English, the other brochures are only available in French and Dutch.
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Online brochures


PDF Brochure about the Brussels Centre for Food Expertises (Brucefo)

In order to consult this brochure in it's html version, please surf to the web pages about "Brucefo and (food) analyses".

Fact sheets on tourist accommodation

PDF Fact sheet on 'how to run homestay accommodation'  

 Fact sheet on 'how to run furnished tourist accommodation'  

 Fact sheet on 'how to run a tourist residence' 

 Fact sheet on 'how to run a hotel'  

 Fact sheet on 'how to run an aparthotel'  

PDF Fact sheet on 'how to run a social tourism accommodation centre'  

 Fact sheet on 'how to run a campsite' 

In order to consult these fact sheets in their html version, please surf to the web pages about "Tourist accommodation".

Printed brochures

If you would like to distribute these brochures in their printed version, please fill in the request form.