Advice and optimal follow-up for better products

As a company, the quality and reliability of your product must comply with food legislation standards, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to its extensive knowledge, Brucefo can offer you customised assistance.

Brucefo supports your company in improving your products. Our experts will advise and guide you from establishing the issue in the debriefing to the results. Furthermore, they will provide you with their recommendations for optimal monitoring.

  • Brucefo will provide you with support in the labelling of your food products.
  • Brucefo will advise you on product shelf life and the use of additives.
  • Brucefo will guide you following feedback from your customers, and will help you to offer them a product that meets their expectations.

Brucefo works collaboratively with the non-profit-making association Brufotec (Brussels Food Technology Association), which provides assistance and advice to companies in the food industry to comply with the legislation pertaining to food safety.

Don't hesitate, use Brucefo's expertise to guide you in improving the quality of your products.

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