Conditions for running any form of tourist accommodation

All candidate operators of tourist accommodation must meet the conditions laid down in the regulations in order to register their establishment with Brussels Economy and Employment. Once registered, the operator must continue to meet these conditions. In particular, he has certain information obligations.

1) Conditions to be met by the operator

  1. The operator is a natural person or a legal entity (irrespective of the legal form). If the operator is a legal entity, the tourist accommodation facility must be the main or secondary company purpose.

  2. He has civil liability insurance for damage caused by him or his staff.

  3. The operator – or the person in charge of the day-to-day management if the operator is a legal entity – may not have been sentenced for certain crimes and offences against individuals, or for public decency offences or for offences against properties (theft, fraud, etc.).

  4. The operator complies with the regulations on work and social security and the collective labour agreements in force. He pays any fines imposed.

  5. If so required by the Federal Public Service Economy, the operator passes their statistical data on to the Directorate General for Statistics at the said public service : number of nights, number of accommodation units, etc. In order to obtain those data, the federal public service will be in touch with the operator once their establishment has been registered.

 2) Conditions relating to tourist accommodation

  1. The tourist accommodation is kept in good condition as regards hygiene and maintenance.
  2. The tourist accommodation establishment meets the safety standards. It has a fire safety certificate or a simplified inspection certificate, as appropriate.
  3. It has a certificate of compliance with land management and urban planning standards for tourist accommodation.
  4. The tourist accommodation is registered with Brussels Economy and Employment in one of the tourist accommodation categories or sub-categories laid down in the regulations.
  5. The tourist accommodation meets the specific conditions for its category.
    Consult the specific conditions for each category of tourist accommodation.
  6. The operator does not use any of the designations laid down in the regulations for a category other than the one in which he is registered.
    Find out more about the authorised designations.
  7. In advertisements aimed at potential guests, the operator gives:
    • the registration number of the accommodation
    • his contact details.
  8. In his establishment, the operator displays (or provides in writing for tourists):
    • the registration number of the accommodation
    • if the operator is a legal entity: the contact details of the natural person in charge of the day-to-day management of the establishment.
  9. The operator displays the logo identifying the tourist accommodation (sub-)category in which he is registered.
    If the operator loses the right to run the tourist accommodation or ceases this activity, he returns the logo to Brussels Economy and Employment.
    Discover the logo corresponding to your type of accommodation.

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