Conditions and obligations for hotels

To run a hotel, you have to meet the following conditions.
  1. the general conditions for running any tourist accommodation;
  2. The specific conditions
    For a comprehensive view, consult Appendix 1 of the decree, of which an extract only is given here.
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Opening period and capacity

  • A hotel is an establishment with at least six rooms or suites.
  • It is open for at least nine months a year.


  • A hotel offers hotel services (for example, breakfast, beds changed, rooms cleaned, caretaker, reception).
  • The hotel is permanently accessible to tourists.
  • A reception service is permanently available.
  • The building is kept in good condition, both inside and outside. The communal areas and rooms are cleaned daily.

Information and identification

  • The hotel is clearly identifiable from the outside.


  • The communal areas accessible to tourists have sufficient lighting and can be aired.
  • The hotel has bathroom facilities on the ground floor and on an upper or lower floor.
  • A heating system guarantees a minimum temperature in the rooms and communal areas.
Each room:
  • has a clearly identified entrance door and can be locked
  • includes:
    • private bathroom facilities
    • general electric lighting
    • natural lighting: a window looking outside
    • if the window does not open, a ventilation system
  • contains:
    • beds (with mattress, mattress cover, pillows and bedding)
    • a wardrobe
    • one seat per person 
    • a chair and table
    • a wastepaper basket.
The private bathroom in each room includes:
  • a washbasin with drinking water
  • electric lighting
  • a window or ventilation grid 
  • a bath or a shower 
  • a storage area near the washbasin 
  • a mirror 
  • one hand towel per guest 
  • one bath towel per guest 
  • a small waste bin.

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