Inspections and penalties

Since 25/04/2016, inspectors from Brussels Economy and Employment have been monitoring compliance with the regulations on tourist accommodation located in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Who is authorised to carry out this type of inspection?

Brussels Economy and Employment has appointed a number of inspectors to monitor compliance with the rules and to seek out and record any offences. You will recognise them by their authorisation card. Do not hesitate to ask to see this card if they do not show it to you spontaneously.

What type of inspection to you have to undergo?

The inspectors are authorised to:
  • question you about all matters of use for their inspection mission
  • consult all the information and documents necessary
  • access all premises that are part of the tourist accommodation establishment.

Penalty for non-compliance

If you do not comply with the regulations on tourist accommodation, you are liable to receive a fine, a suspension of your registration or the withdrawal of your registration.
  • The fine may range between EUR 250 and EUR 25,000.
  • If your registration is suspended, you cannot exercise the activity for a certain period.
  • If your registration number is withdrawn, you can no longer run the accommodation concerned.
Do you have any other questions about possible inspections?  Contact us!

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