Economy Department

The Economy Department supports economic development in the Brussels-Capital Region and ensures coordination between the different economic actors in Brussels. It also aims to protect consumers.
The Economy Department is responsible for:
  • contributing to economic policy (coordination of economic policy in the Brussels-Capital Region, support to organizations offering guidance for SMEs, follow-up of European economic issues);
  • organising examinations to enter the profession and providing advice in this field;
  • handling requests for subsidies (Business Subsidies directorate);
  • inspection of companies particularly regarding the use of subsidies (Economic Inspection directorate);
  • management of travel agency authorization;
  • support of the agri-food sector (urban agriculture, organic legislation…);
  • food analysis and provision of advice to small businesses developing new food products (Brucefo laboratory).
The Economy Department consists of around 100 staff.
Key annual figures
  • Over 3,000 requests for support examined
  • 259 travel agencies authorized in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • 4,000 samples of food products analysed by Brucefo
  • Informal subsidies granted to a total value of around 30 million euros
  • Nearly 1,500 companies monitored

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