Looking to expand your business internationally?

You may receive a subsidy covering 50% of your costs!
Are you self-employed or a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise? Have you checked to see whether your business sector is one of the sectors supported and whether your company also meets the other criteria for receiving a subsidy? Give a new dimension to your projects by taking advantage of the subsidies available from the Brussels-Capital Region!
You can request a subsidy from the Brussels-Capital Region for the following initiatives:

Which costs are excluded from these subsidies?

  • Expenses incurred for services carried out within the company, with the exception of the subsidy to respond to calls for tender;
  • The company's normal and recurring running costs;
  • Any costs of an extravagant nature;
  • External services provided regularly on a sub-contracted basis;
  • Expenditure directly linked to the nature of the company's business.

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On the French or Dutch page, you can download
  • the regulations,
  • available brochures and
  • annual reports on grants for companies
in French or in Dutch.