Looking to take part in an international trade event abroad?

You may receive a subsidy covering 50% or even 75% of your costs.

Which expenditure is eligible?

The subsidy applies to expenditure arising from the hire [1], installation and management of a stand, transport and accommodation costs, with the exception of staff costs.

This expenditure covers costs related to a maximum of two people taking part in each trade fair [2].

A stand must be hired to receive this subsidy.

The company must take part in the trade fair under its own name and send its own delegate(s) from Belgium who will represent it and manage the stand for the full duration of the event. Companies taking part in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad under the name of their agent, importer or foreign distributor or under the name of their parent company or foreign subsidiary cannot receive a subsidy, even if the invoice is made out to the company.

Companies taking part in a group stand at international trade fairs abroad may also receive the subsidy, provided no other form of subsidy is provided for this event.

[1] The cost of hiring a stand is not eligible when it relates to a joint stand subsidised by the Brussels-Capital Region.
[2] Also includes trade shows, exhibitions, markets, sales and even meetings with partners.

What intervention could you receive?

Subsidy for taking part in trade fairs abroad [3]
Percentage of the subsidy 50% of expenditures
75% for start ups [4]
Estimated minimum costs €1,000
Maximum subsidy €4,000 / subsidy
Maximum number of subsidies 4 subsidies/calendar year
and taking part in the same trade fair a maximum of 4 times [5]


[3] The sums stated exclude VAT.
[4] Your company is deemed to be a start-up if it has been registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises for less than four years.
[5] For international trade fairs and exhibitions which are held twice per calendar year, participation in both is considered as a single participation.

What are the payment terms for the subsidy?

To request the payment of the subsidy, the recipient must provide documentary evidence of eligible actual expenditure (invoices and proofs of payment) no later than 90 days after the closing date of the trade fair or exhibition in question.
These documents should be submitted to the Direction des Aides aux Entreprises, for the attention of your case manager.
The company will receive a letter specifying the actual value of the subsidy, as well as a claim declaration. It should complete the latter and return it to the Accounts Department in order for the subsidy to be paid.

How do I make an application?

The subsidy application should be submitted to the Administration as soon as possible in order to benefit from the services of the economic and commercial attaché posted to the geographic region in question. It should be sent no later than the day before the fair opens. It must include:
  • The duly completed and signed special form [6] ;
  • The participation application sent to the organisers of the trade fair or exhibition, or any other document specifying the registration fees and the cost of hiring the stand
Once the company has applied for a subsidy, it is permitted to continue its project without waiting for the decision. If unsuccessful, the company will have to bear the costs incurred itself.

[6] In particular, you should outline your business plan for promoting foreign trade of which the initiative for which you are applying for a subsidy is a part.

Download the application form and annexes

When completing the application form, we recommend that you save it to your computer before opening it. That way, you will not risk losing the data you enter.

To complete the form, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1.2 or later. Click here to download the latest version.
If you are using a Mac, ensure that you open the file with Adobe Reader (and not the Mac PDF reader).

PDF Donwload the application form
PDF Download the list of unit rates regarding living expenditures

N.B. When the form opens, you will only see 2 pages on the screen. You need to tick the subsidy you are interested in on the second page in order for the form to adjust to the subsidy requested.

After having ticked the subsidy requested, you will see the following pages appear:

  • Part I: company's contact details and financial information;
  • Part II: information about the project in relation to which you are applying for a financial subsidy;
  • Part III: declaration on honour, to be signed, testifying that the information provided is accurate.
The form and annexes should be returned to:
  • by post :

Administration of Economy and Employment, Direction des Aides aux Entreprises
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 20
1035 Brussels

  • or by e-mail :

incitantexport@mrbc.irisnet.be, not forgetting to sign the last page.
If you send your application by e-mail, please do not send a copy by post.

Contact Contact

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1035 Brussels
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