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What sort of work permit should a foreign national have? Is an employee who already has a work permit allowed to work for a new employer with this work permit?
To help foreign nationals and Brussels employers who recruit non-European employees, Brussels Economy and Employment has set up two tools. These allow you to find out, in a few clicks, what steps you need to undertake when the employee is not exempt from a work permit:

Guide to business aids

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Investing, receiving or encouraging training, taking counsel, exporting, etc. Brussels Economy and Employment offers companies a series of financial aids to develop their activity. Some of those aids are only for SMEs (or micro-enterprises). Furthermore, it varies per type of aid which sectors are supported. To simplify it all, Brussels Economy and Employment developed the tool "Our aids for your company". Type in your enterprise number, and after a few clicks, you will know what types of aid you qualify for. Test it now! (French versionDutch version)

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