Shortage occupation list

Architect (civil construction)
Dutch-speaking social worker
Formworker and scrap metal dealer
Typesetter (graphic designer)
Accountant (accounting clerk)
Accountant (employee accounting department)
Executive advisor (financial analyst)
Executive advisor (manager)
Executive advisor (sales manager)
Executive advisor (personnel director)
Executive advisor (project manager)
Architectural drafter
Mechanical drafter
Employee (social laws)
Employee (personnel department)
Employee at the legal department
Trading firm manager
Nurse (certificate)
Nurse (bachelor's degree)
Computer scientist (programmer analyst)
Computer scientist (other)
Computer scientist (network manager)
Computer scientist (helpdesk)
Computer scientist (software engineer)
Computer scientist (system engineer)
Computer scientist (programmer)
Computer scientist (maintenance technician (software and hardware))
Computer scientist (web designer)
Computer scientist (web developer)
Computer scientist (web master)
Electro-mechanical engineer-technician
Public and private works engineer
Sanitary installer (plumber/pipe fitter)
Pre-school and primary school teacher
Mason and tile-layer (polyvalent mason)
Car and lorry mechanic - Mechanic repairman of motor vehicles
Scaffolding builder
English teacher lower secondary school
Dutch teacher lower secondary school
(Commercial) secretary
(Accounting) secretary
(Executive) secretary
Air conditioning technician
Electromechanical technician
Electronic technician
Digital data transmission and switching technician
Technician with a construction bachelor's degree
Technician with an electricity bachelor's degree
Technician with an electromechanics bachelor's degree
Technician with an electronics bachelor's degree

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