Microbiological analyses

Assess the quality of your products in great detail with BRUCEFO's microbiological control analyses. These analyses determine food hygiene and safety.

Which products?

  • meats and meat products,
  • cooked meals,
  • bakery and confectionery products,
  • meals eaten communally,
  • flavourings,
  • cosmetics.

Which analyses?

Brucefo assists your company by performing accurate analyses to:

  • detect the presence of certain microorganisms, depending on the foods. These include:
    • mesophilic aerobic organisms,
    • enterobacteriaceae,
    • E. coli,
    • coliforms,
    • yeasts and moulds,
    • presumed pathogenic staphylococci,
    • fecal streptococci,
    • Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes,
  • specify the use by date of your products,
  • assess water potability to check it complies with a set of legal regulations,
  • analyse the freshness of at risk foods.
At Brucefo, our analysts offer a high quality service: your customers' health is at stake.
Thoroughly assess the quality of your food products. Have them analysed by experts.

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Subsidie Subsidie

The Brussels SME's can obtain aid to have analyses conducted.

BELAC accreditation BELAC accreditation

Certain analyses are certified. The BRUCEFO laboratory is accredited by BELAC for several parameters. This accreditation enables you to receive internationally recognised analysis reports.
More information about BRUCEFO's scope of accreditation.