Mineral analyses

Trace elements and minerals are important components of our diet. Brucefo can help you to effectively assess their content in your products and can verify the potability of your water.

Which products?

  • all types of foods (dairy products, fruit syrups, plant extracts, etc.),
  • water.

Which analyses?

Upon your request, Brucefo can perform specific analyses to:

  • assess the mineral content in the food. Brucefo determines the content of sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, etc. (by atomic absorption to ppm levels);
  • detect the presence of undesirable substances and contaminants such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, detected to ppb levls);
  • determine the chemical potability of water, as well as its composition of anions and cations, and the hardness of drinking water, mineral water or well water.
Your water seems to be clean and pure, but is it really suitable for drinking? Brucefo can help you find out.
Assess the quality of your products. Have them analysed by experts.

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The Brussels SME's can obtain aid to have analyses conducted.