Modification of your registration

Once your tourist accommodation has been registered, this registration may have to be modified for one reason or another. 
You have to have the registration of your tourist accommodation modified if:
  • certain data or information given in your prior declaration relating to the activity and/or one of the appendices have been altered (for example: withdrawal or addition of certain services provided, increase in basic capacity, etc.)
  • you make modifications to your accommodation that require the renewal of  the fire safety certificate or the simplified inspection certificate.

How do you request a modification of your registration?

PDFUse the application form for the modification (in French or in Dutch) of the registration of tourist accommodation and submit your request to Brussels Economy and Employment:
  • by e-mail to : ;
  • or by recorded delivery to:
    Bruxelles Économie et Emploi – Service Economie
    Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 20
    1035 Brussels
Be sure to clearly specify the data that have changed and if appropriate, enclose the conformity certificates concerning the installations and equipment that have been modified or installed with your form.
After receipt of your request, Brussels Economy and Employment will let you know which documents have to be provided. You will then have thirty days to send the elements requested by e-mail or by recorded delivery.

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Economy Department
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Please contact us only via email. We will answer your request asap.