As a result of the last BELAC audit, the BRUCEFO laboratory is now accredited for a larger number of analyses. From now on, BRUCEFO's certification for the analysis of 4 chemical parameters (moisture content -  method derived  from ISO 1442 ; total ash content  -  method derived from ISO 936 ; total fat content  -  method derived from ISO 1443 and nitrogen and protein content - method derived from ISO 937) in meat products and meat-based products is valid for all eatables.
Furthermore, the field of application of the accreditation had been extended to new types of microbiological analysis and the tracing of Salmonella (Afnor BRD-07/11 – 12/05 - Short protocol of Biorad)  and of Listeria monocytogenes (Afnor BRD- 07/04 – 09/98 – research methodology) in all eatables.

Brucefo had already been accredited for the enumeration of E. Coli at 37°C (Afnor BRD-07/7- 12/04 and Rapid' E. Coli 2 of Biorad) and the enumeration of the total bacteria at 30°C (ISO 4833) in all eatables.

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