New recognition social enterprises

Are you a manager of a public or private company in the Brussels-Capital Region? If your company or non-profit organization pursues a social purpose, then consider having yourself recognized at Brussels Economy and Employment.

This recognition gives you the right to financial support from the Brussels Capital Region.

  • Recognized social enterprises can receive higher premiums under certain conditions.
  • Recognized social enterprises that aim at the reintegration into the labor market will be able to be mandated to receive financing in 2020.

To ensure that your initiative is recognized as a social enterprise, you must implement an economic project, have a social purpose, and conduct democratic governance.

In practice, this means that you must limit the redistribution of profits and comply with certain principles. Your statutes must also include a certain number of clauses.

Note: Companies that were recognized in 2018 under the old system must apply for a new approval before 31.12.2019.

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