Call for projects «Next Tech»

This call for projects will run from June 28 until the 1st of September 2017.

This call is intended for any innovative project that contributes to the creation of an environment that promotes the development and growth of companies in the field of information and communication technologies.

July 5th 2017 an information session will be organized with Brussels Economy and Employment.

Registration required via

More information in French or Dutch

Service vouchers

The Brussels-Capital Region promotes employment, training and diversity. The region has modified the regulations with regard to the service vouchers.

From now on service vouchers agencies have to comply with two supplementary conditions in order to obtain an authorization:

  • Every 5 years the agency has to submit a signed copy of the "Brussels diversity charter in the service vouchers sector" to Brussels Economy and Employment.
  • The agency's managers must enjoy full civil and political rights and may not have been recently condemned for an offence in fiscal or social matters or pertaining the regulation concerning service vouchers, nor may they have been a party to a bankruptcy in the past 3 years.

Furthermore your agency will receive a more substantial aid by proving that 60% of the establishment units' service vouchers staff have actually been recruited amongst job seekers and that your agency promotes diversity and training. We would like you to pass on this information to your establishment units.

More information with regard to the authorization requirements and the service vouchers agencies' obligations.

Call for projects "Diversity and anti-discrimination"

The call for projects "diversity and anti-discrimination" runs from May 19 to July 15, 2017.

This call aims to encourage realistic and innovative actions to combat discrimination during employment, or that help support and build the diversity in companies, organizations, private and government agencies.

An information session with Brussels Economics and Employment will be held on the 31st of May 2017.
Mandatory registration via

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Call for projects "Opensoon" 2017

The new “Opensoon” call for projects runs from May 15 until the 30th of September 2017. This competition aims at future traders who would like to start a business in the Brussels-Capital Region.
The support offered to the selected winners will translate into a free accompaniment combined with a grant for projects that meet the criteria of integrity, originality, quality and circular economy.

More information (French)

More information (Dutch)

Three new calls for projects

Call for projects "Raising awareness of entrepreneurship among young people"

To help young people in Brussels plan for their future positively, develop their entrepreneurial mindset or start up their own activity, the Minister for the Economy and Employment launched, in 2016, the first Brussels strategy to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among young people, entitled "Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow - YET"

As part of this strategy, a second call for projects has been launched to finance highly diverse initiatives, which aim to:

  • Raise awareness of vocational/work-linked/out-of-school training among young people, and their direct intermediaries
  • Encourage self-starting students and job seekers to make the step to action.

The call for projects is jointly managed by Brussels Economy and Employment and the 1819 service, which coordinates the YET strategy. The deadline for this call for projects is 31 May 2017. 

More information (French)
More information (Dutch)

Call for projects "Support for innovative social businesses"

The Region intends to continue the development support for businesses active in the social economy, in order to meet the needs of Brussels inhabitants and seize economic opportunities while developing employment and locally-anchored added value. This support is partly based on the annual launch of a call for "social economy" projects, to obtain an optional subsidy. This call for projects is the second launched by Brussels Economy and Employment in this area, following the call for projects in 2016.
You can submit your request form until 19 June 2017.

More information (French)
More information (Dutch)

Call for projects "Support for implementing the measures of the Brussels Small Business Act"

A new call for projects has been launched to finance the implementation of a series of measures from the Brussels Small Business Act (SBA). This call for projects comes in response to the call for 'Support' projects which was launched in 2016, which made it possible to finance 21 entrepreneurship support structures, deploying projects in the various stages in the life-cycle of a business.
A budget of €800,000 is available via this call for projects, which is open until 15 June. 

More information (French)
More information (Dutch)

Iris celebration 2017

Celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region during the "Irisfeest / fête de l'Iris" on May 6 and 7! There are free concerts, street animation and a wide range of activities throughout Brussels.

On Sunday May 7th, between 12 and 18h, the Brussels Park will be occupied by over 100 Brussels associations who will present themselves in an interactive and original way. Don't forget to pay us a visit in the big tent of the Brussels Public Service, where Brussels Economy and Employment will be represented with a stand and animation for kids. Take part in the family quiz or have your picture taken in the photobooth with all kinds of items linked to our administration.

Furthermore there will be a wide range of sports, culture, heritage, street theater, circus, workshops available in the park ... and afterwards you can enjoy the Iris Food Corner at the square next to the Royal Palace.

See you on May 7th!

More info and programme


Brussels Best Exporters 2017

Are you the manager of a Brussels-based exporting SME that has been based in Brussels for more than 3 years? Do your products or services successfully cross our borders? Then you might be one of the Brussels Best Exporters 2017 !

For the 4th edition of the export prize, Brussels Invest & Export stays true to its calling: rewarding and highlighting the most remarkable Brussels achievements aboad.

In all, 6 Brussels SMEs will be nominated: 3 in the goods category and 3 in the services category.

New adress for Brussels Invest & Export

At the beginning of March, Brussels Invest & Export will be leaving its offices in the Avenue Louise 500. This move constitutes an important step in the rapprochement process between Brussels Invest & Export, and The new cooperation is meant to optimise the services offered Brussels companies.
BI&E will welcome you in their new offices as of 6 March 2017. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses will not change.

New address:
Brussels Invest & Export
Chaussée de Charleroi 112
1060 Brussels


Call for projects "Be Circular - Be Brussels"

As a result of the success in 2016, a new series of various calls for projects will appear in 2017 as well. The first one was launched this week.

The call for projects "Be circular - Be Brussels" is an initiative of the Government of the Brussels Capital Region in order to support the creativity of the businesses and self-employed in Brussels. The goal is to promote - in a perspective of circular economy - the development of economic activities that benefit the environment and local employment in the Brussels Region.

In order to be able to answer all your questions about this call for projects and about submitting your candidature, two information sessions will be held on Tuesday, March 7th 2017 in BEL and Wednesday, April 19th 2017 at Impulse UNO.

More information about this call for projects. (in French and Dutch)

Exaris is 10 years old!

Founded in 2007 by three partners, Actiris, Daoust and P&V, Exaris Intérim is a cooperative society for temporary employment or the very first "social employment agency" in the Brussels Region. This unique social interim initiative aims to integrate less skilled young people from Brussels by offering them temporary job assignments so they can subsequently obtain a fixed-term or indeterminate employment contract. So temporary employment is used as a stepping stone to a permanent job.

February 14 Exaris Interim celebrated its 10th anniversary. In those 10 years - with the support of the Brussels Capital Region - more than 3,650 young, low-skilled job seekers have been granted an interim contract while benefiting from personalized job coaching. As a result 576 young people have been able to sign a permanent contract with Exaris customers. In 2016, for example, 988 people were coached and 560 of them were offered an interim assignment.

Learn more about Exaris on their website (in Dutch and French).

Entrepreneurship Fair 2017

On Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th of March, the "Entrepreneurship fair" will receive the Belgian business world for the 14th time at Tour & Taxis. At this exhibition you will find an answer to all your business questions and for two days you will be able to participate in numerous conferences and workshops.

Do you have any questions about business support or export? Brussels Economy and Employment and Brussels Invest & Export will be present in Hall 1 (stand A31). Brussels Economy and Employment will enlighten you on the wide range of business support. Brussels Invest & Export will explain the different ways they can help you with the internationalization of your company.

Registrations closed.

Service vouchers: want to start up this activity?

Every company that wishes to pursue activities that are paid for with service vouchers in the Brussels Capital Region must apply with the Region for authorisation. To obtain this authorisation, the manager or an employee of the company must take a one-day training course. This training concerns the service voucher system: the regulation, the functioning of the system, the training fund, etc. The training is organised by Brussels Economy and Employment, in the presence of Sodexo and the sectorial service voucher fund.

Brussels supports social economy

Are you starting up an activity in social economy? If your company or non-profit association is active in the Brussels Capital Region, you can apply for accreditation to receive financial support.
The legislation foresees specific periods of time during which this accreditation can be applied for. The next period starts January 1st 2017 and ends February 15th 2017.
More info on the application for accreditation and subsidies.

Call for projects in urban agriculture 2017

The Minister of Agriculture has issued a new call for professional farming projects that contribute to the Brussels urban agriculture. You can apply for a grant until February 17, 2017. The call is part of the regional “Good Food”-strategy in which optional grants can be awarded to associations and companies operating in the food sector and whose project provides added value for the Brussels urban agriculture.

More info in Dutch or French.

Brussels wins Regional Innovation Award

The Brussels Regional Program for Circular Economy (BRPCE) received the "Regional Innovation Award 2016". This award puts Brussels at the top of European policy in the field of circular economy.

The award for regional innovation is organized by the Assembly of European Regions (AER) and distinguishes the European regional authorities and their partners who stimulate, promote and implement innovation. The prize encourages best practices by showing how regions can contribute to regional economic welfare.

The circular economy aims to drastically reduce the waste of resources while reducing the impact on our environment and increasing prosperity.

Brussels played its trump card by adopting the Regional Program for Circular Economy as early as March 2016. This program consists of 111 measures that provide Brussels and its population with the necessary means to accelerate the transition from "to mine-produce-consume-throw away" to "repair-produce-consume-reuse".

Laureates of the call for projects to combat discrimination

Early this year, the minister of Employment launched a call for "innovative projects to combat discrimination and promote diversity and equality in employment." More than 40 project sponsors submitted their candidacy.

The files have now been analyzed and the jury has chosen 12. The subsidy budget of € 745,000 will be divided among the winners based on the needs of each project.

The 12 initiatives that were retained are:

#OPENJOBTESTING (Collectif contre l'islamophobie en Belgique / MRAX), "Job Coaching UCM" (UCM national), "Brux'Elles" (Pour la Solidarité), BXL Diversity Booster (PAX Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles), "Diwan Awards" (Divers-City), "Recruitment on the basis of competence '(commune of Koekelberg), "Brugcoach voor vormingscentrum Molenbeek "(Groep Intro vzw), Réseau Employeurs Travailleurs (Mission locale pour l'emploi de Forest)," Inclusief werken in de praktijk" (ELLA), "Coaching des handicapés chercheurs d'emploi handicapés" (Diversicom), "Pacte"(ULB / METICES), "Coach'Me " (CGSLB).

More details on this call for projects and the winners can be found on our website in FR and NL.

This call for projects will be repeated in 2017.

Responsive websites

Recently, the websites of Brussels Economy Employment and Brussels Invest & Export have become fully responsive. This means it does no longer matter whether you are surfing with a PC, laptop or smartphone: the new websites automatically adapt to the screen size of the device you are using.

The second major change is the new URL of the websites. The suffix "" has disappeared and was replaced by ".brussels".  From now on the URLs to remember are: and


News on service vouchers

For authorized service voucher companies and their employees: new app to register performances!
Job Tracker is a (mobile) application for electronic service voucher employees. This application allows employees to enter their performances in a few simple steps. They just have to download the app on their smartphone, enter the name of their clients and the hours they worked for them.
You can find all information about this app on the Sodexo website (in NL and FR).
For all service voucher users: new bank account!
Since the regionalization of service vouchers on January 1, 2016 a new bank account was put into use for ordering service vouchers: BE28 0017 7246 3620.
Please note that the old account is no longer active!

Wanted : hackatons !

A call for projects for the organisation of hackathons in the Brussels Region is launched by the Secretary of State in charge of IT and Digitalisation and the Brussels Regional Public Service. Application dossiers for grants must be sent before 15/09/2016.
Fancy organising a hackathon and contributing towards solving problems faced by people in Brussels ? Check whether you are eligible for a grant.
  • You represent a non-profit organisation or a formal association, situated in the Brussels-Capital Region and active in the area of IT.
  • You plan to organise a hackathon within the Brussels-Capital Region between 1 October and 31 December 2016.
  • The hackathon will aim to contribute towards solving one of society's problems by enabling collaboration between programmers, all kinds of developers, and project managers, with a view to creating a software project.
  • You can submit your grant application with the Brussels Regional Public Service, before 15/09/2016.

Small Business Act: 77 specific measures for SME's and self-employed

The Brussels government has approved the Small Business Act, a plan to support SME's and entrepreneurship.  Between 2016 and 2025 some 77 measures will be implemented, aimed specifically at SME's and self-employed.

The SBA aims to create a business friendly environment, to improve access to financing, to focus on  diversity, to improve relations between SME's and the Brussels capital region and to support businesses through societal evolutions.The plan is the fruit of months of consultation with the various economic operators and the public services that are active on that domain.

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