Responsive websites

Recently, the websites of Brussels Economy Employment and Brussels Invest & Export have become fully responsive. This means it does no longer matter whether you are surfing with a PC, laptop or smartphone: the new websites automatically adapt to the screen size of the device you are using.

The second major change is the new URL of the websites. The suffix "" has disappeared and was replaced by ".brussels".  From now on the URLs to remember are: and


News on service vouchers

For authorized service voucher companies and their employees: new app to register performances!
Job Tracker is a (mobile) application for electronic service voucher employees. This application allows employees to enter their performances in a few simple steps. They just have to download the app on their smartphone, enter the name of their clients and the hours they worked for them.
You can find all information about this app on the Sodexo website (in NL and FR).
For all service voucher users: new bank account!
Since the regionalization of service vouchers on January 1, 2016 a new bank account was put into use for ordering service vouchers: BE28 0017 7246 3620.
Please note that the old account is no longer active!

Wanted : hackatons !

A call for projects for the organisation of hackathons in the Brussels Region is launched by the Secretary of State in charge of IT and Digitalisation and the Brussels Regional Public Service. Application dossiers for grants must be sent before 15/09/2016.
Fancy organising a hackathon and contributing towards solving problems faced by people in Brussels ? Check whether you are eligible for a grant.
  • You represent a non-profit organisation or a formal association, situated in the Brussels-Capital Region and active in the area of IT.
  • You plan to organise a hackathon within the Brussels-Capital Region between 1 October and 31 December 2016.
  • The hackathon will aim to contribute towards solving one of society's problems by enabling collaboration between programmers, all kinds of developers, and project managers, with a view to creating a software project.
  • You can submit your grant application with the Brussels Regional Public Service, before 15/09/2016.

Small Business Act: 77 specific measures for SME's and self-employed

The Brussels government has approved the Small Business Act, a plan to support SME's and entrepreneurship.  Between 2016 and 2025 some 77 measures will be implemented, aimed specifically at SME's and self-employed.

The SBA aims to create a business friendly environment, to improve access to financing, to focus on  diversity, to improve relations between SME's and the Brussels capital region and to support businesses through societal evolutions.The plan is the fruit of months of consultation with the various economic operators and the public services that are active on that domain.

Tourist accommodation: in force as of 24/04/2016

Guest rooms, studios, tourist residences, youth hostels, camping sites, hotels, etc. All tourist accommodations in the Brussels-Capital Region are now subject to a regulation. Everyone who runs or wishes to run this type of accommodation must fulfill a series of general and specific requirements. Among other things, a prior declaration file must be submitted to Brussels Economy and Employment so as to have the accommodation registered in one of the defined categories. 
More information

Call for projects

Do you have a project that will contribute to the development of the economy, the employment or the urban agriculture in the Brussels Capital Region? Do you need financing? You can receive an optional grant, given by the competent minister. Five calls for projects are ongoing. If your project meets the criteria, send in your application!
All information about the calls for projects (in French or in Dutch)

Tourist accommodations

On 24 March 2016, the Brussels government validated the decree that executes the ordinance dated 8 May 2014 with regard to tourist accommodation. As soon as this regulation will come into force, the thousands of guest houses, tourist residences, hotels and other accommodation types situated in the Brussels Capital Region will, as a result, be subject to a series of obligations, among which submitting a prior declaration.

Facultative subsidies - calls for projects

Facultative subsidies: eight thematic calls for projects will be launched in 2016 !

As of 2016, the granting of facultative subsidies for Economy and Employment will no longer be structured around a general call for projects that stays open throughout the year, but around eight thematic calls for projects, each with their own practical aspects and time frame, based on specific regulations.
Current call for projects:
The call for projects « youth entrepreneurial awareness » is launched, from 2 March until 18 April 2016, for projects that will raise young people's awareness of entrepreneurship.  
An information session is to take place on Wednesday 16 March from 9.15 AM until 11.30 AM in the Iris conference room (floor 1,5) of the Brussels North Station building (Communication Centre North (CCN)).
rue du Progrès/Vooruitgangsstraat 80, 1035 Brussels.

Brussels Business Days : Entrepreneurs have the floor !

Brussels Business Days Logo
Guidance, financing, company location: take part in the reforms and participate in the Brussels Business Days from 14 until 17 March 2016 at Tour & Taxis.
The government wishes to involve and consult Brussels companies, especially where the practical aspects of the implementation and the priority fields of action are concerned.
Since the beginning of February, a dialogue between Didier GOSUIN, the Minister of Economy, and the Brussels entrepreneurs is taking place on social networks.

These exchanges will provide input for thematic workshops. Register now for the Brussels Business Days: you will be able to express your practical needs there.

Consult our website to discover the event programme.


Service vouchers

In order to provide services in the Brussels Capital Region, any company that was not accredited prior to 1 January 2016 needs to be accredited by the Region. A representative of the company will have to fulfil various formalities with Brussels Economy and Employment to obtain an accreditation as a service voucher company (in French). Companies that were already accredited before 2016 will be accredited automatically.
Furthermore, Brussels inhabitants who wish to work within the framework of the service vouchers are asked to contact a service voucher company.
Ordering service vouchers
From now on, Brussels inhabitants have to use the bank account number BE28 0017 7246 3620.
The Brussels service vouchers have been in circulation since the beginning of January.
For further information, please consult the Brussels website of Sodexo.

Food analyses

Maroccan pastry
BRUCEFO is now BELAC accredited for the analysis of 14 parameters in all food products.
Since 2 June 2015, BRUCEFO's accreditation scope has been enlarged with 6 parameters: total dietary fiber content, fatty acids profile, sugar profile, and enumeration of yeasts, moulds and coagulase-positive staphylococcus.
You can find more information and the full list of accredited analyses on the webpage "Accreditation BELAC".

New measure for long-term residents

Non-European workers benefiting from the status of long-term resident in another member state of the European Union will be exempt from the work permit obligation after 12 months of effective and uninterrupted employment from 1 July 2015 onwards.

Discover Brussels Economy and Employment on 4/10

Brussels Economy and Employment opens its doors on Sunday 4 October during the Enterprise Discovery Day. Come and discover the administration and meet its staff members.
From 10 am to 5 pm
At Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 20 in 1000 Brussels.
On the programme:
  • Ready to become a freelancer or entrepreneur? Evaluate your management skills during an exam simulation.
  • Find out more about agriculture in Brussels.
    Quiz about agriculture in Brussels with the chance to win a basket of Brussels products and tasting of crickets from Brussels.
  • Are you interested in taking part in an economic mission? Come and meet the staff members of Brussels Invest & Export.
Three other Brussels Regional Public Service administrations will welcome you in this building.
Brussels Regional Coordination: 
  • Discover the projects selected in the frame of the new ERDF 2014-2020 programme financed jointly by Europe and the Region.
  • Find out all you need to know about Brussels Regional Public Service's job offers, our professions, the Brussels Regional Public Service's diversity policy and how to apply.
Brussels Taxation and Brussels Finances and Budget:
  • How is the regional tax collected and how is it used in the regional budget? An interactive and educational itinerary will be available.
Set a date for 4 October between 10 am and 5 pm (no registration required).

Investment premium

Development area
Since 1 June, you can receive a higher premium in the development area.
You're investing? Brussels SMEs and self-employed workers can request aid from Brussels Economy and Employment for real estate investments, investments in equipment or intangible investments.
If your (future) company is situated in the development area, you will receive double the amount of investment aid.
The development area covers part of the municipalities of Forest, Anderlecht, Molenbeek and the city of Brussels. The Region and Europe consider this a priority area.
Is your (future) establishment situated in the development area?

Private employment agencies and travel agencies

Submit your activity report or the required statistics

Private employment agencies

Brussels temporary employment agencies and other private employment agencies must submit their activity report to Brussels Economy and Employment before 30 June.
Submit your activity report (available in French and Dutch)

Travel agencies

The travel agencies are required to let Brussels Economy and Employment know, before 1 July, how many people they employ in their head office and/or their branches situated on the territory of the Brussels Capital Region.

A paid leave to take training courses

Private sector workers are entitled to educational leave.
For more information in French or Dutch: le congé-éducation payé / het betaald educatief verlof

Two business funds

One for facilitating the employment of older workers (45 and older) and another one for service vouchers.
Find out more in French or Dutch:

Economic activity in Brussels

Focus 8
How will Brussels' economic activity and labour market evolve until 2019 ?

Access to the profession

Central examining board

Do you wish to start your own business? 
For all questions and in order to register your company at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises , please contact an enterprise counter.
You do not hold the required degree or do not have sufficient professional experience that allow you to prove basic management skills or professional competence? In that case you need to pass an exam before registering your company at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.
You can register for the exams at the Brussels Economy and Employment website.


Would you like to open a butcher's or meat products shop?
Please consult the Brussels Economy and Employment website in order to apply for a licence.

Non-European self-employed workers

You have a non-European nationality and wish to start an economic activity in the Brussels-Capital Region?
Please consult the Brussels Economy and Employment website in order to apply for an occupation card.
These competences have been attributed to the regions as a result of the sixth state reform.

Subsidies for companies on Metrotime


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