Access to the profession

Central examining board

Do you wish to start your own business? 
For all questions and in order to register your company at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises , please contact an enterprise counter.
You do not hold the required degree or do not have sufficient professional experience that allow you to prove basic management skills or professional competence? In that case you need to pass an exam before registering your company at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.
You can register for the exams at the Brussels Economy and Employment website.


Would you like to open a butcher's or meat products shop?
Please consult the Brussels Economy and Employment website in order to apply for a licence.

Non-European self-employed workers

You have a non-European nationality and wish to start an economic activity in the Brussels-Capital Region?
Please consult the Brussels Economy and Employment website in order to apply for an occupation card.
These competences have been attributed to the regions as a result of the sixth state reform.

Subsidies for companies on Metrotime


Works taking place in front of your business?

Construction equipment
Are you forced to close your business due to works that take place in front of your business?
Under certain conditions you can obtain a financial aid worth 76.30 euro per day of closure - as from the 8th day following the day of closure of the hindered business.
More information about the income loss compensation.
This competence has been attributed to the regions as a result of the sixth state reform.

Organic products in Brussels

Newspaper ‘Metro' highlights organic products in Brussels
Read the articles published in the online version of the Metro newspaper :
French version
Dutch version

Website more accessible

Anysurfer Label
The website of Brussels Economy and Employment has received the Anysurfer accessibility label. Brussels Economy and Employment sees to it that its website is accessible to the greatest possible number of people, including people with a disability. This also means, for instance, that the website is suited for small tablet screens. The website has been improved progressively and we will continue to pay attention to its accessibility.

Update of the training aids

 A contractor who provides training
For aid applications relating to training, guidance and knowledge transfer received from 1 June onwards, changes have come into force. For instance, many more activity sectors can receive mentoring aids and aids for providing construction yards, premises and equipment.
Learn more about the aids for receiving or encouraging training (French versionDutch version).

Brussels Economy and Employment on LinkedIn

Logo Linkedin
Feel free to click on "Follow" to be kept informed of the news or to comment on the latest information.

Guide to business aids

Logo of the wizard (in french)
Investing, receiving or encouraging training, taking counsel, exporting, etc. Brussels Economy and Employment offers companies a series of financial aids to develop their activity. Some of those aids are only for SMEs (or micro-enterprises). Furthermore, it varies per type of aid which sectors are supported. To simplify it all, Brussels Economy and Employment developed the tool "Our aids for your company". Type in your enterprise number, and after a few clicks, you will know what types of aid you qualify for. Test it now! (French versionDutch version)

Tourist accommodation

Hotel room
On 25 April, the Brussels Parliament voted on the ordinance concerning tourist accommodation. This ordinance is the result of a collaboration between the ministers involved, Brussels Economy and Employment and the sector. The ordinance imposes the registration and ex-post checking of all tourist accommodation ventures, so as to guarantee to the consumers that every hotel, hotel apartment, tourist residence, accommodation with locals or campsite complies with the standards set by the government, in particular as regards security (fire prevention, minimum space). The government decree is being written.

Urban Agriculture

City ​​pasture with cows
230 people took part in the Urban Agriculture Symposium on 26 March: urban agriculture project promoters, members of associations that are already active in the sector, municipal administration staff, ... Urban agriculture offers a solution to many issues relating to sustainable food and the economic evolution of cities. In addition, it offers solutions to other urban challenges (demography, pollution, social inequality, ...). This symposium, which was organised by Brussels Economy and Employment and Bruxelles Environnement, aimed to make urban agriculture known by presenting various examples, and to answer the questions of the project promoters and the administrations.
What projects were highlighted during this event? What ideas came out of it?
Discover it all through these images!
Read the symposium documents.

Support for the agricultural and food sector

organic market
Brussels Economy and Employment shapes the agricultural policy by preparing and executing the legislation with regard to the agricultural and food sector, among other things for organic agriculture. This makes it possible to make the organic operators aware of that policy.
To defend the interests of this sector, Brussels Economy and Employment also takes part in the consultations with the two other regions and with the federal authorities. In addition, Brussels Economy and Employment is also a partner in the European  "School Milk, Fruit & Vegetables" programmes, which concern a subsidy that is co-financed by the Brussels Capital Region.

Non-European employees

Travailleur étranger
Foreign nationals are only allowed to work in Belgium if they possess a valid work permit. The employer or the foreign national must apply for the relevant work permit. In 2012, the Economy and Employment Administration of the Brussels Capital Region received nearly 16,000 work permit applications.
Learn more about the regulations and the formalities to obtain a work permit.

Temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agency - interview
Temporary employment agencies and other private employment agencies must submit their activity report before 30 June. Read more and download the form.

Language Training Subsidy

Language training
Language training can enhance the functioning or the competitiveness of your company. You can apply for financial support for yourself or for your staff if the training costs at least 1,000 EUR. It should also be of an exceptional or urgent type.

Travel agencies

Before it can start its activities in the Brussels Capital Region, a travel agency has to apply for a permit or lodge a statement.
The new regulation simplifies the procedure and changes it in some respects, e.g. for travel agencies that already have a permit for the Brussels Capital Region territory.

The counter "Work Permit"

The counter "Work Permit"

The counter  « Work permit » is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.45 am to 11.45 am.

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