Entreprendre 2014 trade fair

Stand of Brussels Economy and Employment at the "Entreprendre 2014" trade fair
Brussels Economy and Employment participated in the "Entreprendre 2014" trade fair on 19 and 20 March. Our consultants informed many entrepreneurs about the various regional aid types granted to Brussels companies and the services offered by Brussels Invest & Export.

Brussels Best Exporters 2013

Brussels Best Exporters 2013
The "Enterprise Day" organised by Brussels Invest & Export on the 18th of February was a huge success. To be able to meet, within a couple of hours' time and in a single location, several of the 34 economic and trade attachés who work for the Brussels Capital Region was an opportunity export companies could not miss. 150 companies took part in the event, allowing 540 meetings between companies and economic and trade attachés.
The day was concluded by the awarding ceremony of the Brussels Best Exporters prize, in front of more than 400 invitees. Brussels Invest & Export and BECI granted this award, destined for the best performing and most dynamic Brussels SMEs on export markets. The two winners are Numeca International SA, in the category "Goods", and Telelingua International SA, in the category "Services". 40 Brussels companies applied.

Symposium on urban agriculture

The BEE's agriculture division and IBGE/ BIM (Brussels Environment Management) organize an information day featuring a presentation of exemplary projects for the promotion of urban agriculture. Due to the current urban challenges (demographic, environmental, social…) urban agriculture is becoming a strategic factor in the urban development.
This symposium takes place on 26/03 in AREA 42, Rue des Palais/ Paleizenstraat in Schaerbeek.


As a result of the last BELAC audit, the BRUCEFO laboratory is now accredited for a larger number of analyses. From now on, BRUCEFO's certification for the analysis of 4 chemical parameters (moisture content -  method derived  from ISO 1442 ; total ash content  -  method derived from ISO 936 ; total fat content  -  method derived from ISO 1443 and nitrogen and protein content - method derived from ISO 937) in meat products and meat-based products is valid for all eatables.
Furthermore, the field of application of the accreditation had been extended to new types of microbiological analysis and the tracing of Salmonella (Afnor BRD-07/11 – 12/05 - Short protocol of Biorad)  and of Listeria monocytogenes (Afnor BRD- 07/04 – 09/98 – research methodology) in all eatables.

Brucefo had already been accredited for the enumeration of E. Coli at 37°C (Afnor BRD-07/7- 12/04 and Rapid' E. Coli 2 of Biorad) and the enumeration of the total bacteria at 30°C (ISO 4833) in all eatables.

Find out more about Brucefo's accreditation scope

Supervision of travel agencies

From now on travel agencies in the Brussels-Capital Region shall be subjected to a stricter control. These controls shall be carried out during the Brussels holiday fair, amongst other things.
According to the regulation in place since October 2012 a travel agency that participates in the holiday fair must be recognized by Brussels Economy and Employment.                                                                                                                                     

Atomia - Brussels' Women for Science

On the initiative of Céline Fremault, Brussels Minister of scientific research, the Brussels-Capital Region launches the first edition of "Atomia". It will reward two Brussels science women, one junior and one senior.
The «Atomia» award aims to promote the position of women in scientific research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region and increase the scientific vocation of young girls to Brussels. The Brussels-capital region via "Atomia" wants to valorize the scientific capacities of women in Brussels.
When are you eligible? How do you take part in the contest? Visit the website of Innoviris (in French).

Exemption from the type-B work permit

Work permit desks
Since the 1st of January 2014 Romanians and Bulgarians are exempt  from a work permit. The transitional measures stay in force for Croats, who still have to apply for a work permit.

Type-B work permits

Worker construction sector
The Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue published the new remuneration amounts applicable as from 1 January 2014 to type-B work permits in the Belgian State Journal of 25 October 2013. Highly qualified workers, executives and performing artists are concerned.

Travel agencies

Since 18 April 2012, the Brussels Capital Region has been responsible for managing the licences to develop the activity of a travel agency. This subject was previously a matter for the French Community Commission. The transitional period that aimed to adapt the licence files to the new regulations of the Brussels Capital Region has meanwhile passed by. 259 travel agencies hold a licence to develop the activity of a travel agency.
The licensed travel agencies receive a sticker they must apply to the display window of their establishment.

"Brussels Best Exporters 2013" award

Brussels Best Exporters 2013
In association with BECI, Brussels Invest and Export is organising a presentation of export awards aiming to reward Brussels companies for their strong performance on foreign markets.  
The call for applications was launched on 17 October 2013. The award will be presented in the presence of all the economic and trade attachés.

Support for the agricultural and food sector

organic market
Brussels Economy and Employment shapes the agricultural policy by preparing and executing the legislation with regard to the agricultural and food sector, among other things for organic agriculture. This makes it possible to make the organic operators aware of that policy.
To defend the interests of this sector, Brussels Economy and Employment also takes part in the consultations with the two other regions and with the federal authorities. In addition, Brussels Economy and Employment is also a partner in the European  "School Milk, Fruit & Vegetables" programmes, which concern a subsidy that is co-financed by the Brussels Capital Region.

Call for projects with regard to the equipment of technical schools

technical equipement
42 technical and professional schools in the Brussels Capital Region, who organise trainings in the field of technological industry, creative industry and construction/renovation, were invited to send in projects with a view to acquire high-technology equipment. With this quality material, the schools will be able to offer their students a better education, so that they will have more to offer on the labour market.
The schools had until 30 September to submit their file, and they could receive full financing for a project costing from 30,000 to 100,000 euros.
For this action, 54 projects were submitted for a total amount of 2,800,000 €. An expert jury made a selection, for an amount of 800,000 €. The chosen files will be approved by the Brussels Capital Government in November 2013.

B.Y.E.P. & I.E.A.: Trainings on international trade

Presentation of certificates
Through the Brussels Young Exporters Program (B.Y.E.P.) and Import Export Assistant (I.E.A.) trainings, internationally active Brussels companies can hire a trainee specialised in the specific techniques of international trade. On Tuesday September 24th, from 12:00 until 14:30, the certificates of the laureates 2013 will be presented at the Brussels Info Point (Royal Square), after a presentation of the training programs. The number of places is limited, so please sign up with Juliette HANNICK - jhannick@mrbc.irisnet.be.

Brussels Invest & Export

Export containers through the Port of Brussels
As a service of Brussels Economy and Employment (B.E.E), Brussels Invest & Export offers Brussels companies help with their internationalisation. Brussels Invest & Export organises various actions (economic missions, collective stands at fairs, invitations of purchasers, contact days, etc.), gives advice on exportation, attracts foreign investors and provides a network of economic attachés. Brussels Invest & Export also traces promising companies and rewards the most successful ones.

Work permits: Croatian, Bulgarian and Romanian workers

Work permit desks
In spite of the entry of Croatia into the European Union, Croatian workers require in principle a work permit to work in Belgium. Since July 1st 2013, a transitional regime applies in anticipation of an exemption. For Bulgarian and Romanian workers, this regime expires on January 1st 2014. From then on, they will be allowed to work in Belgium without such a permit. For further information, you can contact the Employment Policy & Plural Economy Department.

Work permit : Croatian workers

In principle, Croatian workers must always be in possession of a work permit in order to be recruited in Belgium. Since 1 July 2013, they benefit from a transitory regime.
This regime is also valid for Bulgarian and Romanian workers until 31 December 2013. As of 1 January 2014, Bulgarians and Romanians will be allowed to work in Belgium without a work permit.

Aid for businesses : modifications

The changes to the incentive systems for investments to improve the environment and to conform to the norms came into force on 1 June. As of now, installing an alarm system can also be subsidised.
Learn more about aid for investments to improve the environnement.

Organic products

store of organic products
Interested in organic products? We added the list of operators that have an organic certificate to our website. You can find the list of players on the Brussels organic market on this site in the section registrations and accreditations, organic products sellers.
This section also provides information about the obligations of Brussels organic processors, distributors, retailers and other operators.

Agricultural and food businesses

Laboratory analysis
The Brucefo laboratory offers businesses in the agricultural and food sector analyses to check or improve the quality of their products. Next to microbiological analyses, a broad range of chemical analyses are also performed. In 2012, Brucefo determined over 5,500 chemical parameters, which is 1,200 more than in 2011. Discover this wide selection of analyses on this site in the section Food analyses.

Non-European employees

Travailleur étranger
Foreign nationals are only allowed to work in Belgium if they possess a valid work permit. The employer or the foreign national must apply for the relevant work permit. In 2012, the Economy and Employment Administration of the Brussels Capital Region received nearly 16,000 work permit applications.
Learn more about the regulations and the formalities to obtain a work permit.

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