Temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agency - interview
Temporary employment agencies and other private employment agencies must submit their activity report before 30 June. Read more and download the form.

Construction sector

A mason mesures the wall
Is your company active in the construction sector? What subsidies granted by the Economy and Employment Administration are you entitled to? A new brochure tells you what incentives are available for your sector, supported by concrete examples. Check out all available brochures.

Language Training Subsidy

Language training
Language training can enhance the functioning or the competitiveness of your company. You can apply for financial support for yourself or for your staff if the training costs at least 1,000 EUR. It should also be of an exceptional or urgent type.

Travel agencies

Before it can start its activities in the Brussels Capital Region, a travel agency has to apply for a permit or lodge a statement.
The new regulation simplifies the procedure and changes it in some respects, e.g. for travel agencies that already have a permit for the Brussels Capital Region territory.

The counter "Work Permit"

The counter "Work Permit"

The counter  « Work permit » is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.45 am to 11.45 am.

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