NSSO reductions

The Brussels-Capital Region draws up the regulations concerning the measures in favour of specific groups of employees and employers.  Employers can obtain a reduction of the social security contributions for their employees' gross salary.

The target group policy comprises of:

What employees are entitled to a reduction of the social security contributions for target groups?

  • older employees,
  • long-term employment seekers :
    ACTIVA, Professional transition programmes and Social integration economy ("SINE"),
  • young employees,
  • tutors,
  • employees who lost their employment due to restructuring,
  • persons with a subsidized employment contract,
  • house staff,
  • artists,
  • childminders.

How to receive the NSSO reductions for target groups?

Please consult the NSSO website for more information about the various employment measures and the available benefits.  There you will find an NSSO reductions calculator, application forms, etc. The NSSO is the administrative and technical operator with regard to this matter.

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