Activity report

Every year, temporary work agencies and other private employment agencies must submit an activity report about the activities of the previous calendar year to Brussels Economy and Employment, before 30 June.

Form for the activity report

It's an interactive pdf form: certain pages of the survey will only appear based on your answers. Download the form, fill it in on screen and save it.
To be able to fill in the form, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1.2 or a later version.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
If you use a Macintosh, make sure to open the file with Adobe Reader (and not with Mac's PDF Reader).
For help filling in the form, please see the FAQ about the activity report section.

Annexes to be attached to the activity report

In some cases (see form), you must attach appendices to the form.

Sending the activity report

The duly completed, dated and signed form should be sent to the address mentioned on the form before 30 June, either by e-mail or by mail.


  • a report sent in after the deadline
  • an unsigned report
  • an incomplete report

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