Small Business Act : 77 specific measures for SME's and self-employed

The "Small Business Act" or SBA is an action plan which aims to support SME's and entrepreneurship in Brussels.
The Brussels SBA contains 77 measures within five development pillars to be implemented between 2016 and 2025 :
  • Enabling an environment for creation, regardless of the life stage of the company or its model (start, consolidation, transfer, transition to a green economy ...);
  • Improving access to finance, using a credit intermediary (development of a regional strategy for microcredit, increase the microfinance capacity);
  • Supporting the diversity of entrepreneurs and businesses through segmented measures;
  • Improving the relations between the SMEs and the Brussels capital region by making the administration more "business friendly";
  • Supporting the companies in their development (innovation, internationalization, digitization, circular economy).

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