Tourist accommodation

To run a hotel, offer a tourist accommodation or simply a room in your own home through Airbnb, or another booking website, you must be registered with Brussels Economy and Employment and meet certain conditions.
If your accommodation is located in the Brussels Capital Region and if you offer stays from one night up to ninety days, you must follow the regulations whatever the purpose of the stay.
You must: 
  • submit a declaration dossier prior to starting up;
  • meet certain conditions.

The benefits? Once your file is complete and has been validated, Brussels Economy and Employment will allocate you a registration number. You receive a logo, which is to be displayed near the entrance to your accommodation, and you can use certain terms.

It is only when your accommodation has been registered that you can start to run it. Every tourist accommodation situated in the Brussels Capital Region must be registered.

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Would you like to run a tourist accommodation?

Use our online tool to find your way around the obligations corresponding to your situation.

Who do these obligations apply to?

As a candidate operator and then an operator, you have to comply with these regulations if:
  • your accommodation is located in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • you make a charge for your accommodation
  • the persons to whom you offer accommodation
    • are travelling, for private or professional purposes
    • stay there for a minimum of one night and a maximum of 90 days
The operator of tourist accommodation is a natural person or legal entity who runs tourist accommodation or on whose behalf such accommodation is run.

What conditions have to be met to run tourist accommodation?

Conditions relating to the operator and conditions relating to the accommodation have to be met.
Some of these conditions apply to all candidate operators and to all operators; other conditions are specific depending on the category of tourist accommodation in question.

How do you submit a prior declaration and have your accommodation registered?

You have to send a dossier to Brussels Economy and Employment to be registered in one of the catégories stipulated by the regulations.
Submit a prior declaration dossier.

What do you do to run several accommodation facilities or several categories of accommodation?

You have to meet all the conditions of the regulations for each category and sub-category of tourist accommodation at each establishment that you wish to run.


  1. You run a homestay accommodation facility and a tourist residence.
    You have to meet the conditions and fill in a 'prior declaration' dossier for the homestay accommodation and you have to meet the conditions and fill in a 'prior declaration' dossier for the tourist residence.
  2. You run a single establishment. This consists of a hotel or furnished tourist accommodation.
    You have to meet the conditions and fill in a 'prior declaration' dossier for the hotel and you have to meet the conditions and fill in a 'prior declaration' dossier for the furnished tourist accommodation.

What do you do if the situation changes?

  1. Certain data or information alters or you modify your accommodation
    In some cases, you have to submit an application to modify your registration.
  2. You transfer the tourist accommodation to another operator
    The transferee has to make  another «prior declaration» with a view to registration.
  3. You stop running tourist accommodation temporarily or permanently
    You have to inform Brussels Economy and Employment by recorded delivery and return your plate bearing the logo identifying your category to the administration.

What inspections and penalties apply?

Inspectors monitor compliance with the regulations. They can impose fines.
Find out more about the inspections and penalties.

What is the objective of these regulations?

The ordinance of 8 May 2014 on tourist accommodation and the decree implementing this ordinance aim to:
  • guarantee better safety in tourist accommodation in Brussels
  • introduce fairer competition among the various operators
  • ensure better consumer information and
  • contribute towards the fight against the housing crisis for the people of the Region.

Good to know: tax obligations

The managers have to meet their tax obligations, both on regional and on federal level.
This is not a competency of Brussels Economy and Employment. For more information regarding the regional tax, please check the website of Brussels Taxation. With regard to the income tax, please contact the Federal Public Service Finance. You can also contact your federation.

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