Type-C work permit

The type-C work permit is designed for specific categories of foreign natives who are staying in Belgium temporarily or who are still awaiting a decision on their right to stay.
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The type-C work permit is valid for all paid jobs for up to one year.

Foreign students, with a legal residence related to their education in Belgium, do not need a work permit to work during the school holidays.

The following categories of foreign nationals are eligible to apply for a type-C permit. As part of the application a number of documents must be submitted to the administration of Economy and Employment in the Brussels-Capital Region, if that is the Region in which the applicants live. Click the links below to download the appropriate application documents depending on your category.

  1. Applicants for refugee status under certain conditions (Art. 17.1).
  2. Foreign nationals benefiting from subsidiary protection status during their restricted stay (Art. 17.2).

  3. Foreign nationals holding a residence permit issued under measures to fight the trade in human beings (Art. 17.3).
  4. Foreign nationals permitted to stay in Belgium for medical reasons (by virtue of article 9ter of the law of 15/12/1980). (Art. 17.4)
  5. Foreign nationals permitted to stay for humanitarian reasons (by virtue of article 9bis of the law of 15/12/1980), the extension of which residence permit is subject to their being employed. (Art. 17.5)
  6. The family members of a national of a non-EES member state who has cited or obtained the right / the authorisation to stay based on article 10/10bis of the Law of 15/12/1980 (family reunification), insofar as the stay of a national of a non-EES member state giving right is not limited to the exercise of professional activities. (Art. 17.6 - 17.7)
  7. Foreign students staying legally in Belgium and enrolled at an educational institution, in order to work outside of school holidays. They may work, on the basis of a type-C work permit, up to twenty hours a week outside of school holidays and provided the job is compatible with their studies. (Art. 17.8)
  8. The spouse, registered partner or the dependent children (under 18) of a diplomatic or consular official or the spouse or registered partner of the holder of a special residence permit. Only nationals of certain countries with which Belgium has signed a reciprocal agreement (Albania, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, India, Macedonia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, Serbia, USA, Turkey and Israel) (Art 17.9).
  9. Foreign nationals staying in Belgium under temporary protection status (Art. 17.10).

Foreign nationals living in the Brussels-Capital Region, who fall within the categories listed above must apply for their type-C work permit directly from the administration of Economy and Employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. To do so, they must submit:

  • the documents required specific to their category. The links in the descriptions below will enable you to download the list of documents required for the application;
  • type-C work permit application forms:

The communal administration in the applicant's place of residence is responsible for delivering the type-C work permit. Any negative decision is always explained directly to the applicant. Applicants staying legally in Belgium may appeal this decision.

The type-C work permit can be renewed in accordance with the following conditions. To this end, the applicant shall submit the same forms as for the first application, as well as all appendices [ancre], one month prior to its expiration at the latest.

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This section applies to employees who work in the Brussels-Capital Region (type-B permit of blue card) or who reside in the Brussels-Capital Region (type-A permit or type-C permit).