Work permit application

Cross-Border Worker

Before hiring a non-European national living in a bordering country, you need to obtain an authorisation. Thereto, you need to submit the following documents:

  1. Form
    PDF Authorisation application to employ a foreign cross-border worker - Employer in Belgium (in French or in Dutch)
    PDF Authorisation application to employ a foreign cross-border worker - Employer established abroad (in French or in Dutch)
  2. Employment contract (in French or in Dutch)
  3. Medical certificate for a foreign worker, in accordance with article 14 of the royal decree dated 9 June 1999 (in French or in Dutch)
  4. Other required documents


What is the procedure?


The potential employer completes an application for authorisation to employ a foreign worker. He forwards it to Brussels Economy and Employment. Brussels Economy and Employment examines the application with regard to the conditions of employment. A) If Brussels Economy and Employment refuses the request: Brussels Economy and Employment notifies its decision to the employer and, if applicable, to the worker who is legally resident in Belgium. The employer and, where applicable, the worker have 30 days from the notification of refusal to lodge an appeal. B) If agreement is given, the employer obtains an employment permit and the worker obtains a work permit. If the worker is in Belgium, he goes to his/her commune of residence to receive the work permit and to apply for a residence permit. If the worker is abroad, the employer sends the work permit to the worker. He or she goes to the embassy / consulate to apply for a visa before coming to Belgium. Once in Belgium, the worker goes to his/her commune of residence to get his/her permit.

The procedure requires a maximum of 90 days between the time the application is complete with Brussels Economy and Employment, and the issuance of the single permit/the notification of refusal.

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